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Bahia vacation, travel and holidays Your Agency in Salvador Bahia Brazil. We are your local expert. Salvador  da Bahia travel and vacation guide, city tour, hotel, leisure activities, excursions, sightseeing and short trips during your Bahia vacations. Our agency opened 2007 in Abrantes, a suburb from Salvador da Bahia  in Brazil . We specialize in holiday - and leisure activities during your travel in Bahia your dream holidays in Brazil.

Welcome to your Salvador Bahia vacation.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative of Bahia vacations about our Boutique Hotel Resort in Bahia or other offers from this site, please send an e - mail to our headquarters to or call us at +55 71 3623 2606. Estrada do Coco km 13,5 s/n, Caixa postal 779, 42.840-000 Vila de Abrantes, Cama├žari, Salvador da Bahia, BRASIL

Step into the new world and plan your holidays in Salvador da  Bahia


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Vacations in Bahia Brazil
Bahia  Vacation  Tours Brazil Travel
Vacations in Bahia Brazil

Our employees provide high quality information and insider tips on which you can rely. In addition , our friendly and professional staff are always at your disposal if you have any questions about planning your stay in this wonderful part of Brazil . Also during your stay in Bahia , they are always on your side the english speaking owners and guides alwas take good care of you during your travel activities in Bahia , Brazil from his best side !

Whether you are looking for a hotel or plan excursions and sightseeing tours , we have the place for you at affordable prices . Even multi-day trips during your time in Brasil belong with in our program . The goal of MM BRASIL is to provide you with courteous , expedient, professional and high-quality stay in our new home Bahia Brazil . Here on our website you  will find extensive offers for your holiday travel in Bahia / Brazil.

Or stay in our fabulous mansion in Sitio do Conde, next to the beach.

Vacations in Bahia Brazil
Vacations in Bahia Brazil
Vacations in Bahia Brazil

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Vacations in Bahia Brazil